Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Countdown Art Jam Update and Spring Break Ponderings

Thank you, Lord, for the warm weather and the rain!  It has been so nice to relax and enjoy time off without thinking about the looming tasks coming at work... I know, I'll have to suck it up and face it some time before Sunday, but not today!
I've been steadily working to get the hang of painting with watercolors, and I've enjoyed little challenges thrown at me by my friends!  They have forced me out of my comfort zone with the subject material... elephants, giraffes, and llamas, oh my.  Although a little crazy, it's been fun!  I know I promised daily updates on the paintings, but I always feel like I'm double-slamming all of you when I post on FB and again on the blog. So, I thought I'd share with you some signs of spring I've been catching around here, and a collage splash of paintings to finish.

Oh, I wish you could smell the sweetness I can smell!  The algerita bushes are blooming, and the air is sticky sweet!  You'll only know it, though, if they don't send your allergies into a tailspin, like they do my husband...

and the weeds are waking up....

I know... who gets excited about weeds???  Well, it's that, or dirt around here!
Maybe that's why I've splashed so much color on my Spring Countdown paintings.  Here's a look at #1 through #5. 

Hmmm, I think there's a pastel longhorn waiting in the paint palette for today... thanks to another friendly challenge from those folks who like to torment me... I mean, my friends!  :)

I hope you take the time to see what God had done for you today.  
You will be amazed.  
I promise.


Howdy Do! Glad you stopped by!