Thursday, June 25, 2015

Brain Ridiculousness and Such - SOC Challenge 3

Do you ever get something ridiculous stuck in your head that just has to come out?  No....  hmmmm....  I was quite sure it happened to everyone....

Well, for future reference, if it ever happens to you, you will now know that you must -yes, must- let him... I mean... it out.

Let me back up a little.
Week 3 of the Summer of Color Challenge, over at Twinkle, Twinkle, required I use two purples and a yellow for a piece of art.  Neither is a favorite color of mine, nor did any breath-taking artistic ideas pop into my head...  Only little Zirg, here...

Don't ask because I don't know.  Really... I did try to come up with something else.  
I even looked through old photos of some of my art to try to spark an idea.  Apparently, although I don't love either color, I seem to put them together a lot!  If you don't believe me, check back through some older posts.  :)
  So, anyway, there was no epiphany.  No masterpiece in my little brain.  Just this - 

Maybe I ate something too spicy or stared at the sun too long, but I'm telling you that you just might as well let the ridiculousness out of your brain from the onset, or he, uhh.. it... will just run round and round your skull driving you further off the sane map than you already are.

I guess I'll be refilling my paint bin with the shades of purple and yellow acrylics I bought.  It seems Zirg found his way out of my brain and into my glass.  Good riddance.  He'll have to find his own way out of there.  Maybe it will give me time to get some art done!

Won't you join us for the Summer of Color Challenge?  It's not too late!  Head on over to Kristin's blog and check out the rules!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer of Color 2015 Challenge #2

This week's challenge required two pinks and an orange. I almost made it… With a little burnt umber…. I know....  I said almost!  I have to say this was another tough one for me.  I like the fact that my comfort zone is being stretched with the Summer of Color, but I already broke the pact I made with myself when I started the challenge.  I had every intention of using only the three colors - no blacks, umber, or whites.  Although many of the other players are using extras, especially black and white, I wanted to try to pull off paintings done entirely with the three chosen colors.  That would be great if I chose to paint flowers, or sunrises, or.... flying pigs headed into the sunset... but no.  I had a horse on my mind from the start.  

When I had reached this point -

I almost threw it in File 13.  The screaming pink was doing nothing for me, and I couldn't get any contrast.  I'm glad I stuck to it, though.  Sometimes in life, that is just what it takes - stick-to-itiveness - and, of course, God's grace!

Why don't you join us in the Summer of Color 5 Challenge?  No excuses.  Just do it!

I do hope you take the time to 
Be still and know that He is God.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer of Color 5 - Color by Number Challenge and Such

My, my, my... I found another challenge to try... I must have had a weak moment.
It promises to be great fun, though!  I had to dash through this week's challenge, though, because I am off to church camp in the morning, and the deadline will get here before I get back home.
The challenge - create art with three colors.  Two blues and a green.  Get it?  Color by number... hehe.  I love it... no, wait.  I hated it!!  I wanted so badly to add shadows with burnt umber or blacks or anything!

I struggled through it in record time because I had none to spare.  There is more motive to the madness that I can't share just yet, but I slung paint, and the rooster crowed in the morning sun, albeit a green sun.
I even cut loose and thumped some watery drops all around - that was EXTREMELY difficult for my oh-so-orderly self.  I wanted to wipe it off immediately, but I didn't.  Whew, that was tough, but it is starting to grow on me.
So here is Morning Calls-

Here were my colors-

Why don't you join in on the fun?  Check out the challenge at Twinkle, Twinkle.  I know we are going to have a great time!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer Art

Summer is here, and I'm enjoying it!  More than the time off, though, I have come to some amazing revelations in the past couple of days.  Do you know how you hear something over and over and over until one day your little light bulb goes ~ZIT~ and you get it?  Surely that doesn't just happen to me, right?
Anyway, I've been struggling with where my creativity fits in with God's plans for me.  I love to create whether it's sculpting, painting, writing, or devising the next science lesson for my students, but how does any of that play out in the eternal picture?  I am often concerned that I am wasting time by feeding that Creative Monster that lives inside of me.  I am, however, created in God's image, and He's the one who made me this way.  
Being the bag lady that I am, I decided to paint a new book bag for myself.  A selfie - a skinny selfie, that is!  I knew I wanted scripture, but I didn't know which one.  I started Googling thoughts that were on my heart, and Ephesians 2:10 popped up!  

I can't really even put into words what I finally got, but I got it.  I am who I am for a reason.  Here are some things that I realized:
God has a plan.  I am His workmanship.  There is a reason I make art even if I'm not quite sure why, yet... YET.  Although I like for people to enjoy my art, I don't need them to enjoy it for me to be happy because my plan was already prepared for me.
That being said, sometimes I have wondered if I talk too much about God - that I'm that freaky Jesus nut that everybody wants to avoid.  That was answered, today, too.  We had a guest speaker at church today.  God spoke to my heart through him when he quoted Ephesians 2:10- my scripture, and then he said that God's Word would not come back void.  I will keep sharing His Word.  He has good works prepared for me, and I pray that I walk in them.
I guess folks that think I'm too freaky can just hop on to another blog!

So, here's my little bag along with its message to me and to you -

What path are you walking?