Friday, July 10, 2015

This Week's Summer of Color Challenge... Two Greens and a Pink... (and some other colors)

Ok, the Summer of Color Challenge was really a stretch for me this week as I prepared for the 8th Annual Mad Tea Party.  I knew time would be short with the White Rabbit watercolor and the preparation for an absurdly Mad Tea Party Bash, but I did use two greens and a pink.... and some yellow and flesh tones, too.  :)

Yes, you can call me a cheater, rebel, or whatever... but I much prefer the term "Make-do-in-a-Pinch"er!  The Mad Hatter demanded I make a recipe card for his Peppermint Humbugs, so I grabbed some India ink and some art markers and went to town!

Complete with tea stains, of course!  If you would like to visit the 8th Annual Mad Tea Party Blog Hop, you can get started HERE on my Tea Party Post!

The making of a Mad Hatter Recipe Card -

God bless and Happy Unbirthday to You,


  1. So creative a fun! I love your post, Sherry, and how you used this week's SOC colors!

  2. I love this-what a creative project for this week's SOC challenge!

  3. HaHa, there is a rebel in every crowd....I love a rebel, and your mad hatter fits the bill perfectly.

  4. Your Mad Hatter is adorable. I may have to try that recipe (grin). Loved how you used the SOC colors.


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