Saturday, July 4, 2015

Two Reds and a Metallic - SOC Challenge

This week's colors included my favorite - red- but as I worked through the painting, I was less than thrilled with the result.  Such is art.  I spent most of the week thinking I would paint another, but I've been up to my eyeballs in trying to clear out the "packratted" junk from my dad's estate.  That leaves you with my original painting!

This shot showed the metallic green the best. I found it very tough to capture the shine.

...and the whole thing-

The weird looking stump makes me want to laugh and cry at the same a combo lava pit and chocolate log roll.... Oh well.
I did use it as a test-run for my new You Tube Art Vlog if you'd like to hop over there and watch me learn to create art videos.  It might be worth a laugh!


  1. I think as artists we are always our own worst critics! I love this work of art you created using this week's SOC colors - it's beautiful! The tree stump does not look weird at all to me! I love the metallic green you used and your sentiment is absolutely amazing!

  2. I don't think the stump looks weird- and you have used the colors splendidly this week! Super dragonfly!

  3. He's got to land somewhere - beautiful as he is!

  4. Beautiful! I especially like the wings.

  5. Fabulous art work, it has a great feeling of depth in it.

    Love and hugs

  6. Loved the video too! Thank you ;) xo

  7. Great to use the colors and scripture! I think you can see the metallic just fine too!

  8. Giant bug!! runs away :p

    this is very nice, good idea using the green metallic against the red, really stands out :)


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